Mauritania / Mali / Senegal

Black Africa by the Tam Tam rhythm

Raid Trans Baobab

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The 4x4 trip which all adventurers dream!

A breathtaking 26-day "4x4 Land Rover Expedition" full of adventure and mystery, toward Dakar with your own Land Rover/Range Rover:

Discover the black African to the rhythm of the Tam Tam.

Who dreamed not like the track of the most famous rally to follow.

22 stages with road-books and GPS waypoints with 4 extra rest / discovery days.

The route of this great raid goes through much of black Africa in Mali in particular.

The crossing from Mauritania -7 days-provides technical marvels with many sandy passages: the Fort Saganne, Chinguetti, la vallée blanche, l’oued Rachid, the Nega la passe. Mali - 9 days and Senegal -6 days, provide a totally different world: the exciting crossing of the Niger River by the ferry, the artistic Djenne, Dogon country the wonderful, the spectacular Manding Mountains, the magnificent waterfalls and Gouina giant baobab forests ...

To top it off, drive back to Saint-Louis from Nouakchott to Nouakchott and 350 km along the beautiful beaches of the Banc d’Arquin. 

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