Syria - Jordan

Following the Tracks of Lawrence of Arabia

Jordan Adventure 2021

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Raid Trans Orient Syria-Jordan

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An extraordinary 10-day "Fly & Self Drive 4x4 Adventure Road Trip" full of adventure and mysterie, with rented luxury 4x4 vehicles, to the wonders of Jordan via the famous Wadi Rum and magic Petra. 

You will stay in luxury 5***** hotels, award winning Eco Lodges ansd sleep in Bedouin tents or extraordinary "Martian Domes" under star spangles sky near "Lawrence spring" and the very intriguing rock-formation called "Seven Pillars". wonderful and magical scenes untouched since creation.



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A 4x4 adventure trip through time that crosses many boundaries. A real modern time crusade in 18 laps.

Via Istanbul, gateway between East and West, we discover the magnificent endless desert tracks in welcoming Syria and the exceptional beauty of the “Wadi Rum” desert in Jordan.

Age old castles and palaces line the famous routes the caravans followed to the Far East, and testify of ancient values and hidden superior civilizations.

We sleep in tents under a star spangled sky near “Lawrence Spring” and the very intriguing rock-formation called “Seven Pillars” is fantastic : scenes untouched since creation.

Discover the unfindable red city of the Nabateans : Petra. Find your way in the oldest cities in the world : Alep and Damascus.

Explore the impressive abandoned residence of the Queen of Zenobia : Palmyra. Admire Jerusalem the Holy City, from the Olive Mountain. Contemplate the marvelous fauna of the Red Sea.

Float about in the Dead Sea...... 

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