The Mystery of Loch Ness

Scottish Highland Adventure

Sat 28 October to Thu 2 November 2023

Scotland is pure magic!

A land of deep lakes and round rocky hillsides, stories about clans and kilts, wind and clouds, spirits and ghosts, lone, extensive, untouched marshy heights.

Traveling through Scotland is traveling through magic, a land made of history and legends, peat and heather fields, blood and tears, pride and daring......

Driving through Scotland is as driving through a giantic three dimensional large screen which is unrolling endlessly round about you...

Here everyday reality is intimately intertwined with fantasy, here the wealthy country dwellings and castles, and even the now destroyed but once very impressive fortresses, testify of the richness and the pride of the Scottish nation...

Here we find the "Scotch Whisky"... 

Exclusive 4x4 passages on "private estate".

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