Grand and Untouched Nature

Sweden - The Land Rover Country Tour

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Offering everything from deep-blue archipelagos, majestic forests, beautiful lakes and Northern Lights, to killer fashion, food and design, Sweden is your Nordic dream date.

Wooden houses in pastel colours and dark brown, uncountable picturesque fisherman’s villages where fresh lobster, divine salmon dishes, and all sorts of shrimp are eaten on the spot with ... Absolut Vodka ... Surströmming ... and ... VIKINGS ...

World famous prehistoric rock drawings (Unesco) hidden in endless forests, and a chain of lengthy lakes in the unique and untouched Glaskogen Reservat.

Discover what absolute quiet and calm really means during the adventurous and sporting nordic canoe and mountainbike trips. A forester’s barbecue for lunch in Lappen tipis and real VIKING activities included ....


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